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WooHooo! Our new Website is Alive!

The HOSS UK New Website

We might not have a huge range of stock at the moment, BUT.. As our previous and repeat customers already know, what we DO have is ultimate quality at great prices, and now we have invested in this website which allows us to service the growing demand for our amazing products.

So what does this new website actually achieve?

Well for a start it’s FAST!  And it can service hundreds of customers at the same time because it’s on a dedicated server – which means browsing around and viewing images is effortless, regardless of how many other people are doing the same thing.  We’ve got the future covered!

Also, it’s totally secure because PayPal process all the payments, not us – and you don’t need a PayPal account to purchase, but if you do have an account you’ll know how much easier it is to checkout.

It uses the latest but proven technology with a global support network, so whatever happens in the future with online payment security and e-commerce technology, we’re covered, and so are you.

So you, and hundreds of others like you, can run around our website and make purchases at the same time and our website wont blink.  And neither will we :)

Please note: Sale items are non-returnable.