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Turnout Rugs – Which type are best?

In our last blog post “Which rug should you be using?” we explained the key difference between all the different types of horse rugs, but in today’s post we are taking a closer look into Turnout Rugs in particular.

All the technical terms used to describe Turnout Rugs can be somewhat confusing for people who don’t 100% understand what they mean. For example, occasionally in the specifications and descriptions of some turnout rugs you will notice a code that is something along the lines of “1200D”. Now, unless you know this code is stating the strength of the material in denier rating, it is merely cryptic to you! Fingers crossed, once you have finished reading through this post you will be able to pick out a turnout rug suitable for your needs with ease.

The different styles of Turnout Rugs

Turnout Rugs come in two main styles, which are standard and combo.

  • Standard - Typical rug shape that ends at the horse’s withers (NO neck cover)
  • Combo - Same shape as the standard rugs, HOWEVER the combo has a Fixed or Integrated Neck Cover which cannot be removed. (WITH neck cover)

Some rugs are available with a detachable neck cover, which basically means you can add and remove the neck cover as you please (the BEST OF BOTH worlds).

Knowing which weight you need

As we pointed out in ”Which rug should you be using?“, there are three key types of weights available when it comes to Turnout Rugs.

The three weights are:

  • Lightweight
  • Mediumweight
  • Heavyweight

We will not bore you by going over when and where each different weight should be used, but if you’d like to remind yourself of them please visit: http://www.hossuk.com/which-rug-should-you-be-using/

Choosing the right material for your horse or pony

At the beginning of this post, we mentioned something called denier rating, which is basically a way of being able to identify the strength of a material.

Typically, the higher the number before the letter “D”, means the stronger the material is e.g. “2500D” is stronger than “1200D”.

Having said that, with the advanced technology we have nowadays, most turnout rugs are made from very durable materials.

We hope you now have a much better insight into what makes a good turnout rug, and you will be able to dress your horse or pony with ease. If you are still a little unsure about anything related to our horse rugs, or horse rugs in general, please do not hesitate to contact the HOSS UK team on 0114 284 6775 or visit our contact page for further details.

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